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In production: Mamadu

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Mamadu is the story of a characterful Bonairean woman of age who is suddenly faced with an old debt of $100,000. To repay the money, she must go to work at her creditors' beach club. To make matters worse, her two grandchildren return from Holland at the same time. They come to live in her house and will go to school on Bonaire from now on. Mamadu has her hands full with the problems the children cause at school. When she also finds out that her so-called debt was set up by her ex-husband, she does everything she can to clear her name and publicly pillory the creditors.

Tula The Revolt nominations and awards



- Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 
   Special mention 'Best Caribbean film by an international filmmaker'

- London Film Awards

   Awarded the Grand Jury Prize

- San Diego Black Film Festival

   Awarded 'Best Film', 'Best Actor'

- Africa Movie Academy Awards 

   Nominated 'Best Diaspora Feature Film'

- Pan African Film Festival

   Nominated 'Best first Feature'


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Novel "Tula Verloren Vrijheid” 



International impac DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD

Longlist 2015



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